Who are we?

The traditional definition of a wise woman is "A woman considered to be knowledgeable in matters such as herbal healing, magic charms, or other traditional lore."  

We say "wombyn" because we are the womb, we are the mother, we are the housing and nurturer of life, we are the birther and we are the creators.  Wombyn, to me, is just so much more descriptive then women.  Women are wo-men.  We are not wo-men. We are Wombyn.   And, in that way, we are a collective of beings who are wombyn either by gender or by choice.  

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Sharing Knowledge of Mystery




I want to share with you my experience from a recent women's retreat. The special facilitator is close to my heart, as she was the one to spur my awakening as well as to nurture me in my darkest moments. Patricia is the friend you can go to when you are in that low place. She always finds the perfect thing to tell you to get you through to the other side of whatever it is you are healing. My story is filled with ups and downs, and the only way we can all make it is if we have amazing friends to count on when we need them. Patricia is that friend. She is easily the most giving soul I've had the pleasure to know in this lifetime. There have been many amazing givers along the way, but Patricia is the crème de la crème.

Please go to her retreat if you feel you are ready to expand your consciousness in a mystical way that will leave you enchanted and questioning what else there is to life you are unaware of. She is a master of Mystical Shamanism. Her gift is to get you questioning your reality while she simultaneously activating your light body with her own divine frequency. Patricia is a Master of Awakening. The way she does this is with her voice.

Patricia activates people with frequencies she speaks and she helps you grow in a multitude of ways throughout the weekend. She will activate your gift if she is guided to. She will also share with you the knowledge she has acquired which you can use to further your own awakening, as it serves as a vehicle to question. In this way, Patricia is a goldmine.

Come fill your pockets and your hearts with wisdom, love, enjoyment, good food, and the best friends you can gift to yourself. You will enjoy your time tremendously should you be brave enough to explore within. Patricia is the greatest friend you will have while you awaken. Her mysticism is as enchanting as her giving heart and her warrior spirit.

Patricia will never let you sulk when you are feeling down. ("Up, up, up!" Mama Pat). You can depend on her to get you through to the other side. My most favorite thing Patricia has ever said to me is, "What's on the other side of that fear? What's waiting for you on the other side?"

There are those who will comfort you, and there are those who will push you to get to the other side. Patricia will get you to the other side. She will give you her strength and her confidence which is invaluable as you awaken, and she will ground you while simultaneously expanding your consciousness in a way that fills you with wonder and excitement for what is to come.

Patricia is a living door to the other world. She is a true shaman, a true friend, and a warrior mother with enough tricks to keep you coming back time and time again. I love Wombyn Retreats. They have been exponential and necessary of my development. Should you feel called to join this wonderful woman, you should expect the same. You will meet other souls who will travel with you as you awaken. If you knew the magic in store for you, you would run. I love Patricia and I know you will too.  🖤

Sara Allen

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