My Story:

I have been working, primarily, with the feminine energy for about 25 years now through private energy healing and hypnosis sessions, retreats, workshops and mentoring.  For more information on my services, please go to PatriciaWalls.Net 

As a young mother I was lead to Shamanism, then traditional Lakota ways, then to Earth Medicine ways and Druidry and many, many tools of healing and knowledge.  

I was taught in traditional native american ways that women work with women and men work with men.  I found that I was very comfortable with those ideals.  As a young woman and mother I always found that men misinterpreted my expression of love and appreciation as a "coming on".  I just love beings without judgment.  I can't say without boundaries, as I do practice some common sense.  I love to hug people and I love to smile at them and tell them how beautiful they are.  Those that are wounded don't always know how to interpret that kindness, love and support in healthy ways.  

This website was formed as a place where sacred wombyn could come for resources and support.   

Let's talk about that term "wombyn" and what my mission is in relationship to that.   Someone asked me recently if I interpreted Wombyn as beings who had a womb or female genetalia only.  The answer is no.  I interpret "wombyn" as anyone who identifies themselves as feminine.   As we are working with the feminine energy movement, I have found that beings who identify as primary masculine, whether physically or not, have a hard time in this vibration.   Wombyn have had centuries of living in the vibration of masculine ways.  This is living in the vibration of the feminine energy.   There is a very distinct difference.....  

I facilitate wombyn retreats twice a year in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  We just completed our 18th retreat of glorious wombyn.  I am always awestruck and heart affected by the wombyn who attend, what they accomplish and the relationships and bonds that they create.   For more information, check out the Gathering of Wombyn page.