Every gathering of the sisters is different.  Sometimes there are challenges as the sisters face the difficult decisions, realizations and spread their wings.   Sometimes the time together is full of laughter, new insights and gathering new tools.  

There is no difference really.   This time has been set aside for us to come together to reflect, release, realign and refresh.  Sometimes the hard release is required.  Sometimes the hard reflection is required.   What better way than in the comfort and company of those strong wombyn who see you with love, compassion and acceptance?

That is what we offer one another.   We may call our sisters on their denial, drama and insecurities.  It is always done with love, compassion and non-judgment because most of us have been there before ourselves.  We know what it feels like. We know what it looks like and we know what it evolves into and we assist one another in transmuting that which is keeping us from moving forward.  The transformation is beautiful.  

In the gatherings we shared tools for empowerment through:

  • activations
  • hall of records journeys
  • womb cleansings
  • protection techniques and discussions
  • sacred medicine discussions
  • the importance of cutting cords and doing removals daily
  • the vibration and importance of sound and toning
  • light language
  • food, laughter and love

When you gather women of power together the energies are transformational by themselves, without making any 3D effort for change.  It just happens.   Combine those energies with tools and exercises and you create a vortex of vibrational shift.  That is what these gatherings are.   

I have seen amazing transformations in those that attend, and in myself just from being there with them.  The transformations usually align with the 9 months of pregnancy ending in the birth of a new being.  For the participants there is a birth of a new beginning...  I am grateful to be the witness.  With love. 


Sharing Memories from Past Wombyn Retreats 

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