Light Language Immersion


JULY 8-10, 2022

1PM TILL 1 PM (48 HOURS)  


This is an immersion into the frequencies, alignments, downloads, and codes of the Language of Light. Sometimes you need more than a two-hour gallery or private session. Sometimes, you need to be immersed in the energy. This is it.

Through meditations, experiential journeys, sound healing, vibrational alignments, star earth knowledge and Language of Light we will tap into the legacy of ancestral origin and knowledge. It will introduce you to ways of growing, expanding, loving and the miracles of divine right knowing.  

Healthy food options are included. The facility sleeps 18/20. There is also space for tent camping. Overnight accommodations are options. You are also welcomed to attend from 9 am until 8pm each day.  The investment reflects those options.

  • Weekend with shared accommodations: $444.44
  • Weekend no accommodations $400.00 (day visit only or tent camping)