In the traditional ways, women work with women and men work with men.  There are reasons for this, although there is also the knowing that there is balance in working with the opposite sex.  Patricia prefers presently to focus on helping her sisters heal and raise their vibration and to leave the work with men to someone else. 

Calling on over 35 years of service and experience, she offers sessions in person, phone, skype or zoom.   Hypnosis sessions are only offered as an in-person option.  

Energy sessions are a combination of tools that she has gathered over the years of experience unless you specifically request a particular therapy tool.   Her experience includes:  ThetaHealing, Hypnosis, Reiki, Activations, EmoTrance, EFT, Hall of Records, Akashic Records and Intuitive Energy Healing.  Please use the contact page here to inquire about a session.  

Patricia is licensed to offer certification courses in Sacred Activations, EFT and EmoTrance and Reiki.

She is preparing to offer online and in-person courses soon for raising your vibrations, protection and hall of records work that she has developed herself. 

She facilitates Wombyn Intensive Gatherings twice a year.  More information on those can be located on the Gathering Of Wombyn page.