august 16-18, 2019




When do you take the time to honor yourself, your gifts, your energies, your wild woman?  This time has been set aside to spend time with my SiStars in the women's ways of old.   If you are called so, you are welcomed.

What I love about these gatherings, besides being witness to incredible healing and breaking free of the matrix, is the bonding that occurs between the wombyn who attend. 

This gathering is when we make time for ourselves, for our renewal and the reunification of all of our bodies of consciousness.  These are more spirit intensives than retreats as you will be experiencing, renewing, releasing and receiving the entire time. 

Listing activities for these gatherings is a challenge for me because they are dependent on the collective vibration of the women attending.  This is a spirit led time when we come together as sisters in consciousness and body and really have no focus other than healing and raising our vibration. 

You will be taken through journeys and exercises to raise your vibration.   I work, primarily with the Earth mother.  These ways are about how to care for yourself, your family, your community, your planet and your universe.  Because we are all multi-dimensional, so all of those parts are us. This planet that our physical bodies exist on, that you call the Earth, is an infinitely, intelligent life force. She has worked with me and me with her for many years now through whisperings, knowings and experiences. Because we are intimately tied to her energy/vibration, what she needs is for us to heal ourselves by raising our vibrations.  If we heal ourselves as in our physical bodies, our emotions, our spirits, then she will begin to resonate with that health.   As it is she is resonating with what we are currently vibrating. This time has been set aside for women healers to come together to dream, heal and shift into the higher dimensional energies.   

The facility has sleeping accommodations for up to 18 wombyn.   You are responsible for your own transportation.  Food will be provided for you.   If you have any food restrictions or allergies, please indicate them on the registration form or call so we can make arrangements ahead of time for appropriate meals for you. 


  • To gather together as a community of sisters who identify as healer, visionaries, lightworkers and multidimensional beings
  • To disconnect from the beliefs and programs that keep us from our true selves  
  • To create new sister relationships within and amongst our community
  • To share our individual experiences with one another, align and reconnect
  • To engage in spiritual growth and regain a sense of peace within our lives
  • To engage in meaningful dialogue with each other around concerns facing our lives, families and community
  • To develop new tools, new patterns and raise our vibrations.
  • To empower each other with vision, clarity and sense of purpose


Our time together will be a "retreat" from our lives, but it will also be a time of self-reflection, healing, empowering and expanding our consciousness. During the weekend we will engage in group work through journey, hypnosis, role playing, tools of growth and expansion and communication.   We will learn from each other and create dialogue with one another. While our time together will be brief, our hope is to leave the retreat feeling a sense of peace and re-connection with our true beingness and our sisters.  You are encouraged to participate as much as possible. We will take risks, we will laugh and we will cry. Our lives are intertwined with the Divine, with our families, our communities, our sexuality, our gender identity and with the world around us.  Come as you are, whoever you are and wherever you are in your journey - you will be welcomed

Retreat Policies & Guidelines:

  • By registering and attending this retreat you have agreed to abide by any rules or guidelines stated verbally or written by the retreat organizers.
  • Alcohol and/or drugs are not permitted as it is a spirit in itself and we are focusing on our own spirits at this time.  You will find that your vibration will shift you sufficiently that alcohol and/or drugs will not be needed or required. 
  • The confidentiality, privacy and security of all retreat participants is of utmost importance.
  • No audio or video recording devices may be used in any retreat sessions where one is communicating their personal lives. 
  • Photographs or video recording may only take place outside the retreat sessions or workshops.
  • No participant may be photographed or recorded without their express verbal and/or written consent.
  • By attending this retreat you agree that no retreat organizer, retreat center staff or retreat center volunteers may be held liable for any damage or loss that may incur. This damage or loss includes personal, psychological, physical or material.
  • By registering and attending this retreat you have agreed to the above stated policies. Additional policies and guidelines may be issued by retreat organizers. It is your responsibility to be aware of such policies.
  • Physical, verbal and/or sexual harassment of any kind will not be tolerated.
  • If any of the stated policies are not followed, you will be asked to leave the retreat center at your own expense.

Contact me if you are interested in attending.